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WindSat/Coriolis Measurements Data Products

Described in this page are the data products derived from the WindSat/Coriolis Measurements, which include:

The WindSAT wind retrievals are at a 10m height assuming neutral stability and are derived from WindSat microwave brightness temperatures measurements. WindSat, the first space-borne polarimetric microwave radiometer, was developed by the Naval Research Laboratory under sponsorship of the U.S. Navy and NPOESS. For additional information on WindSat, please visit IPO WindSat web site.

The ocean vector wind products available from this site use the WindSat-1 model function, which was developed by the Ocean Surface Winds Team at the NESDIS/STAR.

Please Note: These wind data are derived from a different retrieval scheme than the operational processing stream at FNMOC. This retrieval scheme was purposely developed to explore wind retrieval performance in the storm environment. The current "rainflag" does not flag all contaminated retrievals. Also, this web site is not maintained with 24x7 support.

For closer examination of the wind fields, the global data image is further divided into 30x20 degree bins between latitudes 80N to 80S and longitudes 180W to 180E, providing a HTML link map for the specific area of interest. Just click on the desired geographical location and a closer look should be provided.

The images contain data from up to 22 hours previous to the image creation time. Click here for the ocean surface winds from the near real-time (NRT) observation data.

Data, algorithms, and images presented on STAR websites are intended for experimental use only and are not supported on an operational basis. Disclaimer details

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