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    International Scatterometer High Winds Workshop December 9-10, 2015 National Hurricane Center Miami, FL

    The need for this workshop spawned from ongoing discussions during the International Ocean Vector Winds Science Team (IOVWST) annual meetings. Over the past several years a concerted effort has been mounted toward consistent generation and validation of scatterometer wind datasets. While much progress has been made in understanding and interpreting the scatterometer response over a large portion of the wind speed range, the extreme winds (> 30 m/s) remains less understood.

    Several objectives of this workshop include addressing the following questions:

    · How to best develop and validate high wind retrievals?

    · What are the best sources of high wind "truth" and what are they really telling us?

    · What’s really happening at the air-sea boundary in these conditions?

    · How to reconcile spatial resolution of the measurements with the spatial resolution over which the winds are actually occurring?

    · What are the validation approaches and methodology for high winds and should standards be established?

    · What are the next steps needed to advance our understanding of what’s going on?

    The expectations of this workshop are not to solve all the open questions within two days, but to at least identify the issues and reach some sort of consensus on a path forward to resolve.




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