Winds (IWRAP) Waves (KaIA)

20230918H1 (KaIA)

20230907H1 (KaIA)


20231022H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

20231021H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

20231020H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

20231019H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)


20230920H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

20230919H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)


20230913H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

20230909H1 (KaIA)

20230908H1 (IWRAP, KaIA)

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Flight ID Storm Name Date
20231022H1 Tammy 10/22/2023
KaIA significant wave height measurements overlayed on IFREMER WW3 model data interpolated to flight center time. If available satellite altimeter data will be overplotted on this plot.
KaIA significant wave height measurements.
Timeseries of KaIA and IFREMER model significant wave height measurements. Model data are interpolated in space and time to KaIA locations. If available buoy data is overplotted on this plot.